World Aids Day In Nigeria : Shortage of AIDS and HIV testing kit reported in Nigeria

Published on December 2, 2017 by admin

Nigeria remains number 2 country with most AIDS/HIV cases in the world, and the problem may get work if urgent care is not taken.  According to Serah Makka-Ugbagbe, the director of one campaign, ‘’ there aren’t enough testing kit for those who are willing to know their AIDS and HIV status in Nigeria. 

“We want to find out what it takes to ensure that every Nigeria that is living with HIV/Aids or that gets the disease is treated. Nigeria has the second largest Aids epidemic in the world and also has the worst treatment in the world. “When you can have your drugs for HIV/Aids, you reduce your virus load and the disease can become dormant but the problem is that many people don’t get access to the treatment especially those in the rural communities because the primary healthcare is not working. “We have to put pressure on the government to make sure that they work so that people can have access to care and treatments because the fewer the people have access, the more it spreads, so it is a danger situation. “  she said.