2 boys made a fake page to defraud Harrysong

Singer Harrysong did a cash giveaway on his Instagram page. The money was meant for a single mother with a baby, but 2 boys won with a fake profile and a very touching story. 

They created a fake page and entered the giveaway contest as a single mother to win the cash price. 

How they got caught 

The boys won the giveaway with a fake profile and a very sad story.   They used a random picture of a woman with a baby and pretended to be the woman. Harrysong and his team found their story to be appealing and sad so they transferred the money to them. The didn’t realize that it was a scam until later.

Harrysong’s manager uncovered the scam when they found out that the money went to a different name. After further investigation, they found out that it was two guys that won the money and not a single mother that the money was intended for. 

“I keep telling young people: you don’t need to steal or defraud people to be successful in life, just be a bit patient & trust in your journey.
I did a giveaway for journey story on this page & these boys used a fake page & pretended to be a single mother with a baby, my manager found out it was a scam & we got them eventually after the money had been transferred to them. 
Please shun fraud & don’t use your bad attitude to block other people’s opportunities, there’s dignity in labor. There’s risk in fraud, if I was a bad person I for do them strong thing. “ – Harrysong


A meeting was arranged for Harrysong to meet with the winner and thing escalated from there. He was angry and he gave them a speech before asking them to kneel down before him.

Harrysong decided to let them go, but we are not sure of the boys return the money back to him. The fake account that they used was shut down few days ago.

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