$200,000 Romance Scam, Nigerian men scammed a Japanese woman

A Nigerian man was arrested for scamming a woman online via a dating site.  Nigerian fraudsters (Yahoo Boys) are using a new technique to defraud people and 2 guys are now in custody for involvement in an online dating scam. 

According to prosecutors, some Nigerian men make a false profile, talk to many women around the world. Then they would promise them love and marriage before defrauding them.

After a couple of weeks in the relationship, the men would proceed to ask these women for money while using a stolen identity.

According to reports, 2 Nigerian men were arrested for claiming to be a white man in the US Army.  The used the name Terry Garcia to defraud innocent woman who wants to be loved.

The lady sent over $200,000 to the pair not knowing it was a hoax relationship. Further investigation revealed that the Nigerian men were also part of the 80 people busted by the FBI on Thursday, August 22, 2019.

According to court Documents “FK estimates that she made 35 to 40 payments over the 10 months that she had a relationship with Garcia. During that time, the fraudster(s) emailed her as many as 10 to 15 times each day, and Garcia was asking her to make the payments, so she kept paying to accounts in Turkey, the UK and the US,” the federal criminal complaint says

The Victim FK told the court that she is angry and depressed.  The authorities said “She began crying when discussing the way that these losses have affected her,” the criminal complaint says.

How the online romance scam works

“ the victims thought they were communicating with US servicemen stationed overseas, when in fact, they were emailing with con men,” Hanna said. “Some of the victims, in this case, lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in this way.”, the prosecutors told the reporters.

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