29 years old man disguised as a pediatrician to children



The man was declared wanted a year ago by the police officer after he fled when the police told him that they’d like to interview him, he was later arrested in Boise, Idaho, he was charged with sexual assault of a child and indecency exposure to a child.

Investigation began when some Parents complained that Lee Smith III, 29 years old sexually abused their kids, a15 years old and 8 years old.  Authorities reported that the incident happened in August 2017.


People familiar with the case told the ABC 13 news that Smith Lee always dresses like a Doctor, and calls himself a pediatrician, he volunteered at schools and other places so he can be close to children.


“He was very active and very clever at how he got around children,” Yoon said.


“Boise police encountered him when someone reported “a suspicious vehicle with a flat tire,” Houston Police Detective David Yoon said at the news conference.


Boise police officers were able to arrest and detain Mr. Smith without violence.

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