2face Idibia and Faze reunites

2face and Faze were both members of Plantashun Boiz music group before they broke up and went solo. 

Plantashun Boiz was a Nigerian hip hop group, it was founded in the late 1990 and it consists of 3 members; 2face, Blackface and Faze.  The 3 made very beautiful music together before they decided to go their separate ways. 

2face went on to become the most successful of the 3 and his people decided to celebrate his 20 years on stage.  His people put together a ceremony for him and they invited his close friends and business partners. Faze was present but Blackface did not show up. 2face and Blackface have an ongoing legal battle about intellectual property claims. As a result, they are still on bad terms.

 The group has been apart for a very long time but they were united this weekend at an event.  Faze honored 2face’s invitation to celebrate his 20 years on stage and they were able to take a beautiful picture together.  

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