30 Manchester United fans electrocuted with 7 confirmed dead in Atimbo area, Calabar

Manchester united fans were gathered at the soccer-viewing center in Atimbo area, Calabar, Nigeria, when the disaster happened.   About 30 football fans were electrocuted with 7 Nigerian Europa league fans confirmed dead Thursday Night when a high voltage electrical pole broke and fell on top of the viewing center sending massive electric current through the metal objects around viewers. Majority of fans that stayed by the door were not affected, the death count is currently unofficial but it is confirmed that people died.

The occurrence happened during the viewing of Manchester United’s Europa league game against Anderlecht, the state police assistant, Superintendent Irene Ugbo was about to confirm the occurrence; she said, “We have heard of the incident, some of the people were rushed to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital for treatment.”

We were unable to contact the hospital but an eyewitness gave account of what happened, he said, “We were all inside watching the match when we heard the first strike from the transformer; the heavy sound caused panic because some people shouted and ran out.

“After a while, we came back into the viewing center to continue with the match. Shortly, we heard another sound heavy sound and when some people tried to run away from the center, they were affected. Over 50 of us escaped dead yesterday because we were standing by the door watching the game.”

About 80 people were present at the viewing center, with estimate of 30 to 20 casualties.

The British high commission in Nigeria sent a condolence message to the family of the fans “ Our deepest sympathy for the loss of lives in Calabar during the Europa League football match beteween Manchester united and Anderlecht”.

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