37bn For NASS Renovation: Other Things That Money Can Do For Nigeria

Recently, President Muhammadu Buhari approved a whooping sum of 37bn for the renovation of the National Assembly Complex. It is pertinent to note that the National Assembly Complex was built with a sum of 7bn only.

While many Nigerians believed that the amount approved for mere renovation is a total rip-off. The National Assembly Director of Information, Dr. Rawlings Agada, explained that the money might not be enough for the renovation.

Quite a number of reactions have trailed this newest development. It is important to note that the reaction of Nigerians is inherently built upon the historical and present sickening government system which is filled with perpetual misappropriation of funds and first-class degree embezzlement.

I wouldn’t want to imagine thousands of thought running through the mind of an average Nigerian who can barely afford three meals per day – or the frustrating look on the face an unemployed graduate when they read about the exorbitant amount the nation wants to spend on a mere renovation.

Meanwhile, it is worthy to note that the objective of this article is not to ridicule the plans and agenda of the sitting government. However, it is a means of enlightenment to many other Nigerians.

Quickly, let’s do a highlight of solutions that 37bn can bring to Nigeria.


Firstly, health is wealth is not a strange talk even to the Nigerian government. However, the health sector of this country has continued to be wallow in toxic of dilapidation. Little wonder, the men at the helm of affairs will not wait in the country whenever sickness occurs. Hundreds of people die because they couldn’t access oxygen in. hospital. It is laughable that a medical Doctor died in Nigeria because a supposed Federal Medical Center couldn’t provide defibrillators. Likewise, there are hundreds of such stories not reported.

A whopping sum of 37 billion naira will save the nation’s health sector from being an embarrassing catastrophe.


The bedrock of every nation is the sufficiency of her education system. In Nigeria, it is almost impossible to calculate the year of graduation after securing admission into any government school due to an unending strike caused by a payment crisis.

Earlier this year, the outcry was that the amount budgeted for education fall below the minimum required from a developing nation like Nigeria by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). Sad to note, the number of tertiary institutions in Nigeria far too small than the populace. Even the available ones lack infrastructural facilities.

If the sum of 37 billion naira is channeled at improving the facilities in tertiary institutions, it will increase the potency of our graduates.


The rate of unemployment in Nigeria as in the second quarter stood at 23.1 percent. There are many youths in the country who are not so passionate about seeking for jobs. They want to produce jobs too. However, there is no enabling environment for them.

The amount that was recently approved for the renovation of the National House of Assembly, 37bn, will be very helpful in giving loans to thousands of graduates to start their own businesses.

Without much ado, Nigeria is in this present derogatory situation not because the country is immensely poor. But because wealth is not evenly circulated in the country. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.

Considering the exorbitant amount that an average member of the National Assembly takes home monthly, it is very difficult to explain that most of the lawmakers are not there because of the money. The nation spends so much on expenditure and less on infrastructure. That is the story of Nigeria.

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