3rd lady to strip naked on Mc Galaxy IG Live Video

Another lady stripped naked on McGalaxy’s weekly Freaky Friday giveaway show making the the 3 rd person to strip naked other his show. The second persons to go naked was Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia. MC Galaxy received backlash for allowing women to strip naked on his page but it seems like he would do it again after repeating the same thing today.

A lady by the name Gina came on his IG live and took off her bra showing both breast to everyone. She won 200 k for stripping naked from MC Galaxy.

A few other people came on the show to showcase their talent. After the live show, MC Galaxy asked people to vote for the winner and Naked Gina won.

viewer’s discretion advised – Adult content Link is Here

MC Galaxy host’s his show every friday on IG live every friday. He called it a talent show on his Freaky Friday giveaway, but some girls come there to strip and make money.

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