8 South African police were arrested for the murder of Nigerian 25 years old Olamilekan Badmus and planting drugs on him for cover-up

All the South African police officer that were involved in the death of Olamilekan Badmus in October of 2017 have been arrested and they are awaiting court decision after investigator discovered that they lied about the arrest of the 25 years old victim.

The victim was a student before his death, he is a citizen of Nigeria and his death caused chaos and unrest in the Nigerian community in South Africa.


Investigators are still trying to determine why he was arrested and tortured until he died in police custody.  However, it is now known that all the police that were involved lied that Olamilekan had drugs on him; they claimed that a Nigerian drug dealer attacked them.


“According to the police, they had found drugs on the deceased but this was a false story to cover up the torture and murder of the deceased,” Ipid (independent police investigative directorate) said.


“There was a huge outcry from the Nigerian community when the death was discovered. At the time, the police also alleged that they were attacked by ‘drug dealers’.”


Autopsy report shows that Olamilekan Badmus was tortured until he died. All 8 suspects were not granted bail and they are expected to appear at the Vanderbijlpark Magistrate’s Court on Monday October 8, 2018.

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