Fans Think Adekunle Gold Is Jealous Of JCole because of Simi

A fan accused Adekunle Gold of jealousy.

It is not news that Adekunle Gold has a new look, however, a fan accused Adekunle Gold of jealousy. Since his wife, Simisola has a crush on an American rapper Jcole, Adekunle then decides to dread his hair.

Guess what Adekunle Gold response was?. He simply claps using the clap emoji.

See the tweets below

Is Simisola really crushing on Jcole the American rapper?. It might be true because Adekunle Gold did not deny the accusations against his wife outrightly.

However, the singer who has a unique music style has a bad mood these days, he insults fans who say trash about him. But why was Adekunle Gold quiet on this one, probably the insult got to him and he wasn’t expecting it?

Meanwhile, The singer requests for a dope name of a rapper. He tweets: “Give me a dope rapper name”. His wife Simisola replies him to stop and called him “NIGGA”.
Adekunle referred back to his wife’s elder siblings as NIGGA. Using the Yoruba language. ” awon egbon e nigga”

Is the singer really serious or is he joking by insulting his in-laws?.

Obviously, Adekunle Gold is not leaving his wife out of his savage replies. Fans, on the other hand, will not stop infuriating him. Imagine a fan asking Adekunle for a giveaway. Instead of giving a positive reply, Adekunle asked the fan to look away.

No wonder one of his fans refer to the short form of his name AG as molecule formula for silver. Consequently, Adekunle Gold did not let that slide simply asks the fan to go and ask for a school fee refund. He feels the fan has no knowledge if chemistry. What is really with Adekunle Gold?. LOL.

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