A Fan Who asked Kcee why he always Flaunts His Younger Brother’s Wealth, Learns How to Mind His Business the hard way

Left: KCee and E-money
Left: KCee and E-money

Social media has opened the door to so many people across the globe to have access to others even if they are not in the same class in reality. Or should we say, social media has been able to bring people closer to their idols and keep them in touch constantly? Well, this is the case of prominent Nigerian musician Kcee and an Instagram follower.

Kcee, the crooner of one of the biggest hits in 2013 “Limpopo”, took to his Instagram account on Friday to share some stylish pictures of himself as he usually does. He and his younger brother, E-money are known to be very fashionable and people who love luxury.

So, Kcee’s stylish post did not suppose to make the headlines since it is no longer odd for him to look expensive in his Instagram posts. But his Instagram follower who does not have more than 300 followers decided to troll the musician via the comment box of the Instagram post.

The Instagram follower, via a comment on the post, urged the musician to stop flaunting the luxury of his younger brother (E-Money) and start flaunting his own luxury. Fortunately or unfortunately for the Instagram follower, Kcee had his time; hence, the singer replied by asking whether the Instagram follower’s brother was dead. “Show us your brother’s house”, the singer added.

The follower who sounded defeated still summoned some courage to reply that his brother’s property does not belong to him, hence, he doesn’t have to flaunt what he doesn’t have.

This reply was apparently not enough to undo the comment of Kcee. The Instagram follower has since become a laughing stock on social media. Who knows, that could be the goal.

Here is the Gbas Gbos between Kcee and the Instagram follower:

And here are the pictures that started the debate [swipe to view more]

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