A Girl Rubs Pepper Into Her Private Part – Video Went Viral (See details)

A girl is seen rubbing her private part with pepper

Not everybody is human. A girl is seen rubbing her private part with pepper. This is a current trend about an unidentified girl that is scrubbing pepper on her private part only to describe ”Pepper Dem”.

She rubs fresh pepper on her vulva, is it a joke or reality? Twitter users have been reacting to the trending video in fear. She is sitting on a bowl and rubbing some pepper on her vulva while her friends were laughing in the video.

Moreover, everybody knows that pepper is harsh and hurts. Did she do this for publicity’s sake? Or to impress someone? The real reason behind this insane video is not out yet.

However, this is why people are in shock that they are having fun doing such a risky thing. Did she feel pain during the process? What did she intend to do while filming it? 

Subsequently, several reactions have been coming on among Twitter users. Some says that ”she’s trying to demonstrate the ”Pepper Dem”. While some says that ”she is trying to be hot for her boyfriend”. 

Well, whatever reason it is, there’s no sanity in the video at all. Nigerians can go to any extent to impress people. We can say that she is practicing black magic on herself.

In regards to this, several sexual assaults are going on. A while ago, Oloni news was everywhere. Several nudes is are going around recently. And now a girl rubbing her private part with pepper. So many amazing things is going around in the world now.

See some of the hilarious tweets below:

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