A lady named Palmer who appeared drunk cause a stir at an “Evening with Sanwo-Olu”yesterday

A lady approached the Lagos state aspiring governor Sanwo-Olu aggressively and it felt like she wanted to attack him. She was allowed to asked her question but later escorted away from the podium. 

Sanwo-Olu is running for the Governor of Lagos office under APC ticket. He had a town hall meeting to discuss his plans on how he would make Lagos a better place.

People are allowed to ask questions from their seats but a lady named Palmer left her seat, to put microphone at Sanwo-Olu mouth and made some demands aggressively.

Some people said she’s been drinking before she got up to asked a question. The exchange doesn’t look comfortable for Sanwo-Olu and his camp. They were confused on what to do but they were calm with Miss Palmer. 

Her question was “ What are you going to do about housing, … Landlord have the rights, what are you going to do about it … “ – Palmer

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