A Nigerian Pizza Deliveryman shot and killed during robbery in the United States


Abdulganiyu, Sanusi, 56 years old Nigerian who lives in Pittsburgh, USA was killed between 12pm – 1 pm on Saturday October 13, 2018.  Sanusi was working as a pizza deliveryman at Sheridan Avenue Dominos pizza store before armed robbers killed him. His coworkers describe him as one of their best driver and they said that everyone loves to work with him.

Sanusi was delivering a pizza to a fake delivery address when he was shot, most armed robbers like to lure their victims to secluded areas where they can easily get away with crimes and they like to use a fake address to trap their victims before robbing them.

“Give me your money! Give me your money!” followed by one shot, said Pittsburgh Police spokesman Chris Togneri.

“Daytime shootings, especially in a crowded area, that’s definitely unusual,” Mr. Togneri said.

“Mr. Togneri said that someone called the Domino’s store on Sheridan Avenue on Saturday and originally asked for a delivery of two pizzas to 201 Penn Ave. in Wilkinsburg. But the same caller then called back a little while later and asked for it to be delivered to 125 N. St. Clair Street, the address for an apartment building called New Pennley Place, located just off Penn Avenue about two miles away from the first address. “ – Post Gazette.

Mr. Sanusi was shot in the torso, he was found dead near the sidewalk with the pizza and the pizza bag near him.   The attacker shot Mr. Sanusi and fled the scene immediately; no arrest has been made for the shooting.

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