A school building collapsed in Ita-Faji Lagos Island. Many feared dead, many hurt. Rescue mission underway.

A 3-story building housed a primary school located in Ita-Faji, Lagos Island. It collapsed killing some people and many feared severely injured.   The building is being used by multiple businesses and the primary school is on the lower floor.  It went down at around 10 am. 

Derin one of the rescuers said, “ At least 10 Children are trapped in the building and they are still alive” 

The buildings have been marked twice for demolition by authorities, says someone familiar with the area.   Rescue mission is underway as rescuers are trying their best to get people out.   22 people have been rescued so far.  

We are getting mixed reports on the number of casualties; someone said 100 students are trapped while someone said it’s under that number. 

However, Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode said that 25 people had been pulled out of the debris while another report says it’s only 10.  

Building collapse is becoming regular in Nigeria.  Most of the buildings erected are unsafe to live in and they do not have to pass regulatory standards before being used for business or live in.  In many cases, builder cut corners and use cheap products during construction. As result, most of the building collapses. 

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