A stray bullet from a Nigerian police’s gun killed an election observer in Enugu

The governorship, state house of assembly, federal capital territory and area council election took place on Saturday 9thMarch 2019. The election was peaceful in some area but deadly in other part of the country. 

One of the election observer wasn’t so lucky on Election Day in Enugu. He was shot dead by Nigeria police. His death is being ruled accidental as people claimed that a stray bullet from a Nigerian police’s gun hit him. 

“The man was a local observer monitoring the gubernatorial and house of assembly election,” a police officer

“He was hit by stray bullet fired by a policeman to disperse a group of protesters,” he said.

Violence started in the Southeast Nigeria, Enugu because some supporter of Ayogu Eze, the candidate of the All progressive Congress (APC) candidate started a protest in hope that they can force a postponement of the gubernatorial poll.  

According to people familiar with the case, APC candidate Mr. Ayogu Eze was initially barred from contesting in the Enugu election, he challenged the ruling and he was granted access to run in the election on Thursday March 7th. His supporter felt like he didn’t have enough time to prepare for the election so they came to disrupt the polling station, 

Police spokes person said that an office shot his gun in an effort to disperse a group of protester. Sadly a young election observer was shot, he died in his own pool of blood. 

Check the link below to watch the video, viewer’s discretion advised. 

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The identity of the deceased observer has not been released to the press. 

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