A White man Has Just Ended Racism – Naira Marley

A white man becomes a Marlian

A white man becomes a Marlian as he was dancing to Naira Marley’s song in a room. Naira Marley reveals that a white man has just ended Racism

However, the white man whose name is not identified was doing the Nigeria dance move “Gbese” which makes it more interesting. While his friends stands in admiration

Nigerians are always happy whenever they see anyone dancing in such manner, because it triggers the spirit of unity. The dance is the latest dance move in Nigeria. If you can successfully do the “Gbese” dance you are a real Nigerian

However, the Nigerian artist Naira marley took to his Instagram to share the video of the white man dancing. He says for a white man to dance to a Nigeria song with a Nigeria dance move he has just put a stop to Racism.

See the video below

But is Marleys statement really true? Because the issue if racism seems to be continuous…white men regard Nigerians as Monkeys due to their skin colour

Majority of whites do not want to associate themselves with Nigerians. Not only white it is evident in the South Africa xenophobic attack on Nigerians.

Racism means one race feeling superior over another. The term may also mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against other people. Just because they are of a different race or ethnicity.

Naira Marley is trending all over the world not only in Nigeria anymore. His fan base is increasing. The controversial blogger kemi Olunloyo is also a Marlian, she always has Naira Marleys back anytime any day.

Recently, some students were seen dancing to Naira Marleys song while a lecturer is in class. This Marlians keep expanding their fan base every single day. Fans are waiting for his show.

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