Actress Etinosa asked Nigerian prostitutes to help lobby their sugar daddies

Etinosa Idemudia, a Nollywood actress thinks different and says or do what she thinks. She asked Nigerians prostitutes to help in fixing the country by talking to their politician boyfriend during sex.

” God ministered to me very early this morning. I wrote down as I heard from him. Happy Sunday” as she poured down a long post about how she thinks her plan will work.

She wants prostitutes to ask their politician clients to do their job and she believes that they will listen.

“I am looking for a lady dating the politician in charge of Nigeria electricity and the lady dating the one responsible for the roads in Nigeria. Aunty, you are not trying.” Etinosa wrote. Her plan was to convince whoever is dating these politicians to talk to them to do their jobs.

“Check our history, prostitutes have been highly instrumental in positively influencing the fate of their people”. She added as she begged Nigerian Run girls to ask their politician boyfriends to fix Nigeria.

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