Actress Etinosa blasts Apostle Johnson Suleman over his sermon against bleaching

Nollywood actress and media mogul, Etinosa has blasted the founder of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman, over his sermon against bleaching.

Recall that Nigeriatunes had earlier reported a story about how Apostle Johnson Suleman preached against bleaching, saying that it is very bad for a man or woman to bleach their skin.

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The man of God never said anything spiritual about the negative effect of bleaching, he only gave his counseling about bleaching. He never mentioned if those who bleach will make heaven or not, he just gave a moral counsel against bleaching which was reasonable enough.

However, it seems the sermon did not interest the Nollywood star as she called out the man of God in her post. She affirmed that there is no correlation between the Kingdom of heaven and bleaching, hence, it was not stated that those who bleach their skin will not make heaven. On behalf of the bleaching geng, the actress stood in the gap and fought for the rights of bleachers. She alleged that the man of God should not even talk especially when a part of his piece is one of them.

Read her post below:

There’s no relationship between BLEACHING and kingdom of God so my uncle Suleiman go and rest. Especially when Your side piece is one of us – BLEACHING GENG member

What does Etinosa meant by ‘Side Piece’, is like the Nollywood actress know more than she is telling. Meanwhile, without taking sides, the message of the man of God was clear and apt enough. He gave counsel not as man of God but a counselor. He started by asking if he can give counsel as a boy and girl.

It is true that some things are no scripturally forbidden, however, when doing it poses a threat to the life of an individual, it becomes a sin. Anyone who bleaches stands a higher risk of having cancer because many of those cosmetics for bleaching are highly cancerous. Would it not be termed as suicide if such an individual should die from cancer?

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