Actress Etinosa “ I made a mistake “ after going nude voluntarily on MC Galaxy’s Instagram live

Nigeriatunes reported that Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia went nude on MC Galaxy’s Instagram live voluntarily after she was advised not to do so.  24 hours later she said it was a mistake.  Click here Etinosa Idemudia nude to read about the occurrence.  

She said that sometimes she’s overwhelmed with life, she feels alone and sometimes she wants to explode.  Read her full text below. 

“ Thanks to all who reached out. I’m ok. Sometimes dealing with issues can be tough. You feel the weight on you all by yourself and you want to explode. You want to give up. While some handle it with prayers, others handle it in other ways, which may or may not be accepted by the society.  I made a mistake I do not ever wish to repeat. No man is perfect but we must continue to strive for perfection.  The big blunder has occurred and I would like to move on. Me, my pot belly and the rest of my beautiful body”.  Actress Etinosa wrote to the public.  

Actor Mofe Duncan said that he called Etinosa and gave her very strong words.  Here is what he wrote when a fan confronted him. 

@kingy_rossy first of all… I fucking called her and blasted her, so you are absolutely wrong in your assessment. Secondly, my call wasn’t necessary because she already knew she fucked up. Yorubas have an adage, “Taba f’owo otun b’omo wi, a fi owo osi fa mora” Google it! When you do, you’d understand my “support”. She was wrong… she slipped and made a mistake… she knows that, the world fucking knows that SO ALLOW HER CLEAN HER MESS UP FOR FUCKS SAKE!!! SHE DOESN’T NEED ANYMORE REMINDERS ABOUT HER ONE MOMENT OF ABJECT ABSOLUTE INSANITY, AND YES I SUPPORT HER NOT BECAUSE SHE IS A CELEBRITY, BUT BECAUSE SHE IS A FRIEND AND A GENUINELY NICE PERSON. Imagine what her family is going through, what her parents, her aunts and uncles would say to her, give her a fucking break already.“ Mofe Duncan wrote on Instagram. 

Actress Etinosa has been quiet since the incident, she immediately put her Instagram account on private to prevent hate speech. She seems to be dealign with alcohol problem.

Etinosa post this on her IG Story.

“ I am still alive despite motor accident, drunk driving and of course the extreme performance” – Etinosa added after her public apology.

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