Actress Jojo Muse from the Tinsel says she prefer Sex toys than to take multiple D*cks

She said that it’s hard to keep a man and that she’d rather not have multiple sex partners, as a result she has settled for sex toys and that she enjoys using sex toys to masturbate. She also touched on how spiritual and attaching sex can get. It appears that she doesn’t want any strings to attach her to any guy. Read what she said below.

“Sex is sacred and it’s not something you just do or something you just open your legs to do. It’s not that easy for me. I would rather do sex toys. Sex has a lot involved. It has emotions, attachments, spirituality. Sex is supposed to be sacred. It’s supposed to be a ritual for me. It is a thing two people indulge in because anybody you sleep with, there is a connection, she said, explaining further the spirituality connected with sex. “You are connecting with them. Then, how many people are you going to sleep with? How many people do you want to now have sex with? It means if you are going to be delivered, you’d have a lot of bonds to break.” She said.