Actress Linda Osifo blames MC Galaxy for not ending the live video when Etinosa started to undress

Nigeriatunes reported the ongoing issue surround MC Galaxy’s Freaky Friday giveaway show on IG live because women continue to come to his page to go naked.  

On Friday March 15, 2019, actress Etinosa joined MC Galaxy on his freaky Friday giveaway show and she strongly told MC galaxy not to end the call because she want to go naked.   She got naked and the world blamed MC Galaxy for it.  

Actress Linda Osifo also joined in to blame MC Galaxy,  “ You should have ended the freaking live video “ – She wrote on her social media page while reacting to the viral video of Etinosa. 

”People are going through deep things we don’t know about! Emotionally, spiritually, and in many ways and find easy comfort in substances and other stuff! Can’t say much, but no one has anyone’s back from what it seems! No one! We all have choices as adults, YES! I know! But we all are meant to be our brothers/sisters keeper especially in uncontrollable moments! I nor dey talk oh, but this particular shit pained me. Utterly ridiculously madness! May God protect us in anything that we are not too strong to handle”. She added   

In the post above, actress Linda Osifo implied that MC Galaxy doesn’t have Etinosa’s best interest at heart. She rebuked MC Galaxy while saying that she also understand that people have a choice to make as adults. 

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