Go And Ask For Refunds From Your School Adekunle Gold Replies A Fan.

Adekunle Gold calls a fan daft

Adekunle Gold is increasing his savage replies on twitter after a fan regards the short form of his name “AG” as a molecule formula for silver. Indirectly Adekunle calls a fan daft by asking the him to ask for refund of school fees.

However, what the singer Adekunle means is that the fan has wasted several years in school without learning anything. He however asks the fan to get part of his school fees back.

See below for the tweet:

Other fans were not in support of the boy who insulted their artist they however prove their understanding of chemistry.

see the comment below:

You know that feeling when you try to correct someone and it’s actually you who needs correction… It can be very embarrassing.

Following their comments Adekunle simply advised the fan to get a refund of his money since he didn’t learn anything in secondary.

In another post, a fan also notices and thank God that Adekunle Gold has stopped wearing tye and dye. His reply was “took you a whole year and some months to notice

Among many celebrities, Adekunke use to be very quiet..but ever since his marriage with Simi he has become more free and funny.

Nonetheless, his style of music is unique as he songs like musicians from the past. Recently his mode if dressing has changed as Adekunle Gold no longer wears his tye and dye outfit anymore. He wears more colourful outfit. The Nigerian singer also reveal that his favorite colour is pink

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