Angry Mood – Adekunle Gold Blasts Twitter Fans

Adekunle Gold blasts his twitter fans.

Adekunle Gold seems to be in a bad mood only God knows the reason for his mood swings. Could it be marital issues?, Or a fan angered him?. Adekunle Gold blasts his twitter fans.

However, no one knows the reason for his anger as he tweets these words. “If you are not happy with my tweet, ask for my password so you can log in and delete it. Since we are all mad”.

The Nigerian singer who got married secretly with his musician wife Simisola also requested to be blocked. The question is who should block him?.

However, fans are in confusion and curious to know who Adekunle Gold is referring to in his tweets.

Since he is expecting a baby with his wife Simi soon, he should not be aggressive. Could his aggression be a result of stress?.

Meanwhile, in his recent post on Instagram, he says he is drunk. That should of be the reason for his anger. LOL.

Adekunle Gold is a Nigerian highlife singer, songwriter and graphic designer. He is a gentleman that everyone knows. His attitude shows in the kind of music he does.

Moreover, he has been using some harsh words on his social media currently. His uses words like ”smoking shit, Arindin, block me” etc. He also brags about everyone knowing his mates in the industry. He uses a phrase ”Kelegbe Megbe” in his recent release song also titled ”Kelegbe Megbe”.

See the tweets below:

Adekunle’s tweet
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