Adetutu a model with tribal marks force Simi to take down a song

Simi joined the team of people who made the cover to Kizz Daniel’s song Fvck you.  Simi made a reference to tribal mark on the song and a model with tribal mark found it offensive.  

She said Se mo kola ni (do I have tribal marks on my face).  Adetutu took this statement as an insult. She has tribal marks and she is a model.   Tribal marks is common in Nigeria. In Yoruba land, has few significant reasons. One of the reasons is, herbalist use tribal marks as cure to down syndromes. In other words, kids who has potentials of being retarded get marks on their faces. Although this is not always true but it’s very common.  As a result people will use the term, do I have a mark on my face to insinuate am I retarded or am I stupid?  

Simi agreed with what Adetutu said and she took down the post.  She also addressed the issue on her social media page. 

See the message exchange below

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