Afia Schwarzenegger exposes Nigerian men who approach her for pay for sex offer

Afia Schwarzenegger said in an interview that she pays male prostitutes cash for sex when she is horny. Nigeriatunes reported the news few days ago and some Nigerian men went to her DM to ask her if she needs men to have sex with and if she will pay. 

Well, she exposed all of them, she posted their pictures and their full names on Instagram. “Men begging to suck pussy….smh.. So people honestly believe i will give them my hard earn money…google Sarcastic …mtcheewwww. Loading second sets soon. Just incase you need a Male prostitute “ – She wrote on her social media as she exposed her solicitors.

“The 2nd batch of male Prostitutes….I swear i am too clever for this continent.  Tag their girlfriends and the Nigerian Ambassador wai.
Good morning “ – she added.

She started the campaign that she pays men to have sex with them and now she is upset for people approaching her for sex.  

She wrote, “ People actually believe me that I would give them my hard earned money”. This means that she lied on her interview or maybe she is backtracking after people call her out for paying men prostitutes for sex. 

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