After Lamenting Over Valentine, Nollywood Actress Gives Reason why Married Women Should pay her for saving their marriages

Inem Peter
Inem Peter

Nollywood fast-rising actress, Inem Peter believes that she has done enough to warrant being placed on a salary scheme by married women across the country.

The actress who likes flaunting her provocative backside at any given opportunity took to her verified Instagram account to disclose how she saved so many marriages by turning down the proposals of married men.

In her attempt to get this message out in clearer terms, Inem Peter accompanied the message with a gorgeous picture of herself posing in such a way that the married women would clearly see that she got enough butts to wreck any marriage.

in the picture, the actress backed the camera and stretched out her lofty buttocks to give a perfect shape of one of her greatest assets while sitting by a poolside.

While in the caption, she lamented how Valentine was already here and she didn’t have a lover or a boyfriend. She then followed the lamentation with a comment on how she has been turning down offers from married men on a daily basis.

“If All This Married Women Know How I Turned Their Husband Down On A Daily Basis They Will Start Paying Me Salary”, she wrote.

Actress Inem Peter

Inem Peter followed up that Instagram post with another Instagram post she shared on Thursday, February 13, 2020. In the new post, the actress shared a photo of herself posing next to Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo while they were both chilling in Ekubo’s exotic car.

In the caption, she said she is still looking for her “Johnny”, making a reference to Yemi Alade’s music video for her smash hit “Johnny”, where Alex Ekubo played the role of Johnny.

Actress Inem Peter

So, Married women association of Nigeria put the saviour of your marriages on a salary scheme before she changes her mind and decides to say yes to the proposals of your husbands.

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