Akinyi Obala of 90-Day Fiancé show accused TLC producer of racism

90-Day fiancé show is about American citizens who are dating foreigners and trying to bring them to the country. The show is a reality show about what it takes to fall in love with someone outside America and try to bring him or her to the United States of America.

Akinyi Obala is on the 90-day fiancé show with her fiancé Benjamin and they are in the process of filing for her to come to the USA.   Benjamin and the TLC producers are in Kenya to meet Akinyi Obala’s family to film some part of the show and she doesn’t like what they did. 

Obala Akinyi said the producers are editing the show to portrait her and her people as bad people and she thinks that is racist.

Akinyi Obala on a motorcycle in Kenya.

According to Obala Akinyi, the producer are editing the show to portrait her brothers as aggressive and unwelcoming.

“ They make him look like the innocent American coming to Kenya who doesn’t know anything about my culture and we’re treating him bad. I am livid!  I don’t like how my family looks like negative people when they’re nothing but the best” Akinyi said.  

Reality show producer tends to edit the show to create drama so that viewership could increase. However, this is not an excuse to make Akinyi a Kenyan and her family to look bad for TV ratings. TLC producers have not responded to the accusation.

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