Akon “Nigerian Afrobeat artists like Davido and Wizkid are richer than American musicians”

Akon had a town hall meeting where he spoke about how Americans perceive Africa. He gave an illustration on how most American rappers live a flashy lifestyle but they are broke. 

He said most American look down on Africa and they think we are so poor. He also said that rappers in America show off expensive cars on their social media pages but they are broke in reality. “ When you look at hip-hop in America, every rapper is rich, gold chain, expensive cars, and naked women. They show you all these thing and they later take uber, but Davido, Wizkid, P-Square all own what they show online and they are richer than most America rappers. We have to show them that we don’t ride on horses and donkeys around like they thought,” He said in the video below. 

Akon started his career as a musician after he came back from jail. He made a lot of money from selling records and owning a record label with very big artist like Lady Gaga under his label. 

He used the money from music to buy and run a lucrative business and made more money from it. Akon’s net worth is about $ 100 million as of the year 2019. 

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