Alex Iwobi refused to apologize to a black player for on field altercation

Arsenal lost the first leg to Renne football club in France but they took care of business during the second leg match at the Emirates stadium in London.  However, the match didn’t end without physical altercation due to the intensity of the game.   

Alex and A Rennes player exchanged few words and Alex made a gesture that made some football fans fell like he is insulting a fellow black player.    

A Rennes player tackled Alex but Alex react angrily and the Rennes went to his face to confront him. Alex Iwobi walked away covering his nose and indirectly saying that the Rennes player’s mouth smells.   

The altercation was caught on camera and some people demanded that Alex should apologize to him but he has refused to do so.  Alex stated that the opponet was disrespectfully to him and his mom, as a result he will not apologize.  Someone sent a message to Arsenal player Alex to ask him about what happened and he said “ Thanks Bro …. The guy was fouling me, cussing my mom and me, he was putting middle fingers up at me. They wont catch that or say anything about that but they will quickly say something to me, I’m sorry bro but I aint “.  ( I Ain’t ) means he wont apologies to him. 

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