American/Nigerian Rapper Wale is battling depression and loneliness

Wale is a very outspoken person and he is often misunderstood because he likes to address some topic that others would ignore.

He voices his feelings as they come; some Superstars and other celebrities think that is a sign of weakness and they wish he would just keep quiet about many things that bothers him.

This didn’t stop Wale from reminding people that he was once depressed and that he is still battling depression and loneliness.

“The people I “vent ” to just ” damn Man” me to death … I can’t go to the airport without getting faded cus tbh, I’m tired of taking pics with people who don’t care about nothing but getting a few extra likes for meeting a “famous ” person, every year that pass the lonelier I get. ”

“ I cant escape this pain. Sometimes there is absolutely NOBODY to go to, No matter how much they love you. You have no one. No one is more alone than the person that’s the focal point” – Wale

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