Anti-kidnapping Squad is Arresting Anyone Posting Fake News About My Attack – Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie has warned everyone to be cautious of what they write about her recent attack by assasins. Most especially bloggers.

She announces that anti-kidnapping squad are now involved in her case and they out picking everyone relating to her attack.

So if as a fan you say something negative you will be arrested, as the anti-kidnapping squad will believe you are responsible. Even if you are not they will believe you know the real perpetrators. But if the person fails to provide the assasins, such person will be taken in as the criminal.

See the post below:

As many believed that Angela’s attack was staged, some initially called it a make up. While some fans go as far as analyzing the real situation alongside Angela’s testimony and they claim that it does not tally.

But the point is either she is lying or not, it is none of anybody’s business. Nigerians have the problem of minding their business. Hopefully the nosy attitude will not cost them a lot as Angela Okorie has warned.

Certainly, if Angela is Lying or not it will be unravelled during this investigation.

Some group of ladies even go as far as calling Angela a prostitute. They claim she was attacked for sleeping with both husband and wife and also blackmailing the couple. They claim she was requesting certain amount of money from the couple.

Furthermore, this particular lady says Angela is fond of sleeping with married men and one of their wives sent assassins to warn her to keep off her husband.

But the point is how can you circulate such words without any proof?. They are only trying to destroy Angela Okorie’s image.

Now anti-kidnapping squad is arresting anyone who publish fake news about Angela Okorie. Certainly everyone will have to watch his or her tongue so as not to land in jail.

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