Angry Dad storms church to attack Pastor for trying to sleep with his daughter after he slept with his wife (Video)

A glorious Sunday service in the USA was abruptly stopped following the drama that an angry dad and husband created when he came in full force to attack the pastor for allegedly trying to sleep with his daughter after he had slept with his wife.

The angry Yoruba dad was filled with so much rage after he detected that the unidentified pastor had slid into the DM of his daughter after he had had sex with his wife.

It was a show of shame as members of the Church were filmed outside as the angry man was heard speaking. The unidentified man told people to record the scene of that is happening because he would tender it to Police should they come to ask the reason for the scene.

Meanwhile, people were trying to calm the angry from speaking further, however, all their efforts proved abortive as the man kept talking in the Yoruba dialect. He was heard saying “you are not a good old man, if you are a good man, you won’t do what you did to my family”.

How dare you chat my daughter after you have had sex with my wife, what type of nonsense is that?

It is, however, laughable how people that the society place in high esteem do unspeakable things. Meanwhile, the truth of the matter is actually unknown, the only information available is mere speculation. However, if the allegations leveled against the unidentified man of God were real, then only God knows those who are truly his servants.

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