Angry housewife strips husband’s side chick naked in a hotel in Benin (Video)

An angry housewife has attacked and stripped her husband’s side chick at a hotel in Benin. In a recent video posted online by a tweeter with handle, @cookie showed the moment an irate housewife stormed a hotel in Benin and embarrass her husband’s side chick.

See videos below:

This is the era of housewife bursting their husband’s side chick. In that video, the first scene looks like the video was staged however when it got to the point where the supposed side chick was stripped unclad by the angry wife, it became glaring that none of them were actors.

A few days ago, a post was published on Nigeriatunes about how an angry housewife embarrassed her husband’s side chick in a mall. The woman alleged that she has been having trouble with her marriage since the side chick had anal sex with her husband. While some marriages are doing just fine, there so many others that have been destroyed by the presence of side chick in the life of the man.

However, whatever thing that happens between a husband and his wife, no one has the right to attack a third-party because of their partners. Putting up a show outside with a third-party because of your husband or wife is not something ideal. When you think you are trying to prevent your home from a devourer, you are also making it vulnerable to more attacks from the devourer. Also, the embarrassment is for all and not for the side chick alone.

In the video above, the unpleasant scene attracted people within the hotel premises, even men were seen holding the women trying to calm her down but all were to no avail. She eventually stripped her husband’s side chick unclad before she was dragged out of the scene.

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