Angry mobs beat phone thief and nearly set him on fire for stabbing his victim

A phone thief was unlucky as he was met a tough punishment in the hands of the people around. He was beaten beyond recognition and nearly set on fire before he has recurred.

A mob of youth unleashed anger on a suspected phone thief in Calabar South, Cross River State.  He was accused of fatally stabbing his victim during the robbery and they gave him jungle justice.

On August 8th, 2019, a mob of angry people beat a man badly until the blood gushed out of his head. They put 3 tires around his neck and they were about to burn him to death when the police came to his rescue.

A person with the knowledge of the case said the suspect stabbed his victim and snatched a phone before he was caught and beaten badly.

“He stabbed the guy and his intestines spilled out, he was trying to recuperate after spending the last 2 weeks in the hospital,” an eyewitness said.

“Though the police just arrived at the location to whisk him away, but how are we sure he will face any form of punishment considering how porous our judicial system has deteriorated into?? ” he added.

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