Annie Idibia praises 2face for being her only true friend

The Idibias are definitely going through something lately. Whatever it is, we hope that they continue to figure it out. They are a lovely couple and we admire them.  Annie took to Instagram to tell the world that she’s grateful for her husband 2face for being by her side always and for being a good true friend. 

“Last Few days were so horrible… Thank u so much for being my friend when I needed one the most! Thank u for staying up all those nights with me…your type is RARE! Thanks for being my SUNLIGHT! The only one who honestly truly understands me! My SUPPORT SYSTEM! #Appreciationpost #MyMine#myWorld ♥️ “ – She wrote on her Instagram post under their picture. 

Annie Idibia and 2face

We may have an Idea of what is going with the Idibias. Annie is involved with a lot of things. She is a movie producer, she has a skin product (l’avyanna_skin) line coming out, and she’s also dealing with rumors and the headache of being a celebrity.  One of these reasons is clearly why she needed someone to be there for her and 2face stepped up and she was very happy about it. 

However Nigeriatunes published a post by 2face a while ago and we are hopping that Annie Idibia’s recent sleepless nights aren’t connected to this.  2face shared a message on social media and the message left the world guessing about what they are going through. 

“ Annie you have been my pillar. Efe you have been a wonderful manager and IG bro. My fans beb …  m  m ..  “ 

“ I am sorry to say that I have fucked up so much. I have fucked up as a role model as a father and as a husband.   Annie I am sorry.  I know you tried your best. “ – 2face wrote on twitter on February 11. 2019. 

The couple refused to address their issue publicly but people family with them said they are working together very well to solve their family matters. 

While she may be referring to 2face’s February 11 twitter post. It may also have to do with business disappointments.  

We will let you all make you own interpretation out of this.

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