Another transgender in Nigeria – Jay Bugatti reveals he’s no more a man but a woman

Popular crossdresser and one of Bobrisky’s stewards, Jay Bugatti has restrained people from addressing him as ‘he’. The famous crossdresser revealed that she is now a woman, hence, no one should address her as a “he” anymore.

Jay Bugatti explained that originally he was born as a man, but in the meantime, there must have been a transition process that has turned him into a woman. She warned people to address her with the gender she identifies with and not the original gender people knew before.

She shared a picture of before and after of herself online with a strong warning for people never to address her as a “he” anymore.

See his post below:

” I was a BOY yeah I know. But now I am a GIRL.. Never address me as a HE but as a SHE! SMALL GIRL WITH A BIG GOD.”

Meanwhile, it would be recalled that the transgender once revealed that she is not pleased with her gender and she would go for a transition as soon as she can afford it. However, she did not disclose if she had gone under the knife to turn herself into a lady.

How a man or woman will just wake one morning and decide to change their gender like it is a cloth that can be changed anytime. The scripture made man understand that everything that God has created is good and there is no evil in it. Also, God is a supreme being hence, there is no mistake in the creation.

If all of the above judgment is true, then what went wrong in these people? Why are they so passionate about changing their gender, does it mean that there is truly a demon inside of them that has made them detest the beautiful and handsome way God has created them? All of these questions are begging for answers.

While we put our brains to work trying to figure out the cause of this menace in the present generation that we live in, it is, however, worthy to know that the number of transgender, homosexuals, crossdresser and rest are in abundance. And this problem is a global issue, it is not peculiar to only one race alone, even the whites are the originator of transgender.

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