APC and PDP followers clash left 2 people dead and many injured

APC and PDP class in kwara left many people injured and 2 people confirmed dead.

Update on APC v PDP class in Ojoku ward, Oyun local government area of Kwara state

The followers of APC and the followers of PDP political party battled it out with weapons, knives, sticks and stones in Kwara state. The clash left 2 adults dead and many people injured. Some with life threatening injury and others had minor scratches.

Ajayi Okasanmi, the police spokes person said that they made some arrest with the help of witnesses. “ some suspects allegedly involved in the attack have been arrested” – She said.

Below is the response from APC leader when consulted about the incident that left 2 people dead.

Yesterday, Tuesday, February 19, 2019, the APC senatorial candidate for Kwara South, Architect Lola Ashiru, took his electioneering campaign to Ojoku Ward in Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara. In line with tradition, he and his team paid a courtesy visit to the Olojoku of Ojoku in his palace. After the courtesy visit to the Kabiyesi, the team came out of the palace to proceed to the venue of the rally. They had barely come out of the palace when they were ambushed by PDP thugs who, apparently, have been lurking around the palace. The attackers, who were armed with different weapons, started shooting at the APC members and supporters who accompanied our candidate to the palace. The policemen who accompanied our candidate’s campaign train tried to repel the attackers, but they were massively overwhelmed. Our candidate, Architect Lola Ashiru, was quickly taken away from the place and he remained in hiding for over two hours before police reinforcement came to rescue him,” – APC Chairman in the area.

And here is the PDP side of the story.

“Ojoku is the hometown of the PDP senatorial candidate for Kwara south, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim. The rioting APC thugs who were on the campaign train of Ashiru shot no fewer than eight PDP members during the attack. The victims are currently receiving treatment at the Offa General Hospital and other private hospitals.
Shittu, who asked security agencies to immediately arrest and prosecute the perpetrators and their sponsors, described the attack as unfortunate, ill-conceived and barbaric, stressing that the attack has yet again revealed the violent disposition of the APC.

“This latest brazen attack on our members and supporters in Ojoku has yet again further showcased the violent disposition of the APC, which we have always alerted Kwarans and security agencies too. It is also a clear indication that the APC is synonymous to violence and is ready to do anything to achieve its rabid and desperate desire to hijack power.

“We understand that this attack is part of the plot by the APC to throw Kwara into chaos and bloodletting so that INEC can shift election and later conduct a staggered election in the State. It is unfortunate that while the PDP is preparing for the elections, the APC is busy orchestrating plots to unleash violence on our candidates and members in order to achieve its aim of having a staggered election in Kwara.
“We invite the media, local and foreign observers, Nigerians and all lovers of democracy to stand against this dangerous plot of the APC. We insist that no matter the antics and desperation of the APC, the election must hold in Kwara simultaneously with that of other states. While we call on our peace-loving members and supporters in Ojoku not to launch any reprisal attack, we would want to place it on record that we will no longer tolerate such acts of violence on our members. The PDP also restates its commitment to the conduct of peaceful and credible elections in Kwara where the people shall through the ballot choose their representatives and leaders,” – PDP state chairman, Engineer Kola Shittu

The presidential election is few days away and the Nigeria police promised heavy security around the election period

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