APC drama … Rochas Okorochas sacks Oshiomhole after Oshiomhole sacks him first

Oshiomhole Adams Aliyu is the current national chairman of the All Progressive Congress political party (APC). He decided to suspend Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha for anti party activities.  Rochas Okorochas failed to follow APC party’s instructions from Oshiomhole and Tinubu during the recent 2019 presidential elections.   

Governor Rochas also stood up during the APC campaign in his state to let everyone know that he doesn’t agree with APC’s plan and that he stands alone with his plan.  He also said that he alone is the founding father of APC and that he deserves more recognition than the guys that now call themselves the main people at the top of the party.

“ I was the founding father of APC in Imo state, I am the only governor in the whole South East who is from APC, as it stands today, those that challenged us those that come with army police and SSS are now sitting bolding as the owners of the party. “ – Okorocha said at the APC rally.

Oshiomhole and Tinubu found his actions to be disrespectful to the party. As a result he was suspended from the party. 

Okorochas sacks Oshiomhole as a retaliation 

“I just heard media reports that I’ve been suspended from the party. I think Adams is seeking relevance and looking for attention. He doesn’t have such powers to remove somebody without following the due process. If he is joking, which I think he is, I also have decided to sack him myself.

“So, I have sacked him from the party. If he thinks he can just stand up and say he has suspended me from the party I founded, without following the due process, in the same manner, I have sacked him from the party.

“I learnt that the reasons he adduced for my being suspended from the party is for anti-party reasons. I think Adams is the biggest player of anti-party activities in the APC. The man has simply destroyed the party to a great extent.” –

The APC won the presidential election and Governor Rochas also won his reelection.

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