Asa Asika and DJ Cuppy have broken up after few months of dating

DJ Cuppy, the billionaire daughter is no longer with her newest boyfriend Asa Asika. DJ Cuppy started dating Asa Asika  before she broke up with her footballer Ex-Boyfriend, she move on so quick to date Asa and now they are no more.  She was forced to celebrate her birthday with her family alone while Asa was busy doing his own thing.

Asa Asika did not wish her a happy birthday either.

Here is how Asa Asika spent his day

              here is how DJ Cuppy spend her birthday

DJ Cuppy is in London and Asa Asika stayed back in Nigeria.  The couple only dated for few months, a source closer to them told Nigeriatunes that they have broken up long ago.

DJ Copy labeled herself as a player in the past and it’s clear that she probably cant keep a man right now. She is either busy living her best life or she get bored of men easily and need another man.

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