December Is Here, Ashawos Are At Work To Get Christmas Money – New Twitter Trend

Everything seems to be trending on Twitter this December even prostitutes which Nigerians call “Ashawo” is currently trending on Twitter. They need money to celebrate this festive season.

But how come?. No one knows who started this tweet about prostitution but somehow, everyone is talking about it. Many Nigerians are sharing their opinions of how these festive period will be, especially having prostitutes around.

See some opinions of twitter users:
Some Twitter users thinks having sex without kissing is prostitution, is that true?

Noticeably, prostitutes at Ikeja Lagos city are light skinned, is it that black skin girls are all bleaching or they are not in the market anymore?

Others feel sleeping with a prostitute is far more better than Masturbation. They claim that prostitution started with ladies always eager to spend a guy’s money.

But some sees it as a means of livelihood. Since the economy of the country is quite critical and everyone wants to survive, their next resort is prostitution.

However, that reason is not justifiable because as bad as the country is, there are little jobs anyone can start instead of going into prostitution.

Some even go into prostitution because If lack of contentment or probably they want to be relevant among their pairs. Not considering the dangers attached to this kind of job. But some ladies have a poor upbringing.

However, many are surprised to see “Ashawo” trending on Twitter, now everyone believe anything can trend on social media. Many times social media users have similar perception to messages and reactions is always quite similar.

Moreover, many believes that prostitutes in neighboring countries earn more than civil servants.

Take every prostitute off the street, give them a good job, it is very certain that majority of them will not still quit this act of prostitution as they enjoy doing the job.

See some tweets on the trending “Ashawo”:

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