Asian Women Begs To Take Pictures with Bobrisky And Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky

Bobrisky shares post on Instagram that an Asian woman begs to take pictures with her and Tonto Dikeh. She wrote, ”Tonto we are loved all over the world, see this Asian woman begging to take pictures with us”.

However, since Tonto Dikeh’s arrest, she has not shared any post on her social media. She is temporarily not using her personal accounts. Instead, she decides to promote a new account for God knows why?.

She, however, claims her password is in Nigeria. Which is the reason she decides to use a new account here in Dubai? This is so confusing, we are in a modern age of technology. 

In relation to this, Passwords are usually protected in an intellectual way. It doesn’t matter which country you are, you can always have access to your accounts. Something is wrong somewhere that we do not know yet.

The Nollywood actress never fails to amuse her fans. As she shares video of  herself using an hand drier to microwave her food in Dubai.

Meanwhile, all she does nowadays is to promote her new IG handle on her bestie’s page. Hence, what will she do this time?, Now that everything seems to be against her. Due to her lies and fighting attitude.

Meanwhile, despite all the struggles, an Asian woman still begs to take pictures with Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky. This shows that no matter the situation the fan will still be love her.

Additionally, bobrisky celebrates 1.5million followers, she thanks her fan for loving her this much.

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