Ay Comedian Celebrates 11 Years Of Marriage

AY celebrates 11-years of marriage with his wife Mabel Makun

Popular comedian AY celebrates 11-years of marriage with his wife Mabel Makun. The couple took to social media to express the love they share for themselves.

He penned down a touching note as a caption on Instagram to express his love for his wife and also shares a photograph featuring his daughter.

It is true that love is a beautiful thing and the couple is beautiful of course, we agree. As we can see that the couple choose to stay in commitments regardless of every challenge they are facing.

You can barely see a celebrity that is happily married because there are very few of them. More often marriages of celebrities shatter due to one reason or the other.

Moreover, many of our female celebrities are single mothers who leave their husband’s houses for a claim of cheating and domestic abuse.

Whereas the male counterparts engage in “baby mama” where they get several women pregnant without settling down.

Celebrity marriages are often topics of discussion on social media. But Ayo Makun is one of the lucky ones
It seemed just like yesterday when AY wedded his wife Mabel and welcomed a child after.

Well, the couple is now celebrating 11 years of their marriage as they took to social media to share the good news and sharing family photograph.

From the debt if his heart AY wrote: “You have been my beloved friend and sister in the last 16 years. My lovely wife, soulmate and mother in the last 11 years. So let us continue to grow old together. @midas_interiors. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY”.

See the pictures below:

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