Ayomide Idowu, a gay Nigerian Chef ” I was gang-raped by men .. my clients”

A Nigerian Chef voiced out his fears and claims that he is dealing with depressing because he was rapped by his make clients. According to him, he was booked to cook for his clients and they end up rapping him. He also accused the Nigerian police of cohorting with his rapists. ” I complained to the police but they locked me up at Badagry prison.”. He said.

“My name is Ayomide Idowu. I am writing these in severe pains and tears… Months ago I was gang-raped by people (men) who were supposedly clients whom I was to cook for their events… After that, the same day I tried reaching out to the police… Instead of listening to what I had to say, they locked me up and took me off…. Where I found my self was at BADAGRY PRISON were I was for 2 months plus… 😥😥😥 I really want justice… There is just too much for me to bear 😭😭😢😢😰😰😰. I am presently living in a state of NO SELF ESTEEM, ISOLATION, DEPRESSION AND FEAR OF WHAT TOMORROW HOLDS ” Ayomide, chef wrote on his Instagram page.

The chef also claimed that he is gay himself. But he is seeking justice by getting rapped by his clients in Lagos.

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