Babcock student jumped from building becuase her boyfriend didn’t buy her Valentines day gift

A girl from Babcock University, Nigeria jumped from a 3-story building because her boyfriend disappointed her on Valentines Day. She expected him to buy her a gift for Valentines Day; but he did not. As result, she claimed that he was cheating on her. She waited all day until nighttime before she decided to hurt herself.

The girl is a 200 level student, her name is Susan and she’s studying public health. Susan thought her boyfriend was cheating because he didn’t get her any gift for Valentines Day. Susan jumped from a 3rd floor of Havilah Gold residence building and she hurt herself really bad.

She was rushed to Babcock teaching hospital and she being treated for her injuries. Her caregivers said that she’s in coma and they are hoping that she would recover.

According to eyewitness, Susan decided to hurt herself after a disagreement with her boyfriend.