Banky W celebrates winning at his polling unit in Lekki 1

Banky W is running for the house of representative of Eti Osa in the 2019 Elections. He took to Instagram to celebrate his victory with his fans and voters. Although, the total vote count is still going on, Banky W was happy that he won in his area.

INEC is yet to release the officer winner but there is proof that Banky W is leading and he won at his area. He ran under MDP and won by Lekki 1 poling unit with 575 votes.

“Thank you to EVERYONE who voted, volunteered and donated. Collation of all polling units in Eti-Osa is still ongoing, but regardless of the final outcome, please take a GOOD LOOK at how we won my polling unit in Lekki 1!!! No Godfather, logo issues, crowd sourced fundraising, online trolling.. many said we were wasting our time, but we took our unknown party and built our agent structure in less than 3 months – and we upset the big boys in multiple polling units.
We proved that it CAN be done. 
The movement has begun. We must sustain this momentum. This is only the beginning. 

#MDP#StrongerTogether#BankOnBanky “ – Banky W wrote on his Instagram page.