BB Naija Comedy Night: Are You Not Entertained?

The Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Housemates brought their A-game during tonight’s Comedy Night held in the Arena.

Top stand-up comedians including Basket Mouth, Dan D Humorous, Chirgurl, I Go Save and host of others were on ground to witness their performance.

Omashola acted as the Master of Ceremony.

The night started with a comedy performance from Mike who wowed his colleagues and the guests with his performance narrating the events that had happened in the house citing instances where foods were hoarded by all of them.

Frodd also brought his A-game cracking a joke about the type of rats he had to contend with in his new apartment. He explained that the one he encountered is not the one Yoruba referred to as ‘Eku Asin’ but this one is ‘As In’.

They proceeded to act an audition scene where they gave a parody of judges and talents on their way to stardom. The judges were Seyi, Frodd, and Diane.

It started with Cindy showing her wack dance move that forced the judges to call the security, Mike, who bundled her out of the arena.

Their day got worse when Omashola stepped on the platform introducing himself as a singer who wants to sing Wizkid’s Halla at Your Boy. He was corrected that the title of the song is Holla at Your Boy. He ended up screaming instead of singing. He got another opportunity to sing and was told to sing rather than scream. He proceeded to sing Davido’s Omo Baba Olowo and screamed again. Mike was on hand to carry him out as well.

Thinking that they have seen enough, Elozonam came to the stage as a singer who wanted to sing Shakira’s Whenever Wherever ended up wasting their precious time and the stand-up comedians laughed their heart out clapping for the housemates.

The audition ended on a good note as Mercy came to the fore as a dancer. Seyi almost followed her home.

Ike and Tacha mounted the stage later where he confessed his love for her in a rythymic fashion that forced Tasha to pull of her shoes and ran away.

Same was the situation between Mike and Cindy. Mike had to run away saying he has had enough.

It moved to a scene where Diane cooked a bad food for Elozonam who pretended to enjoy the meal after squeezing his face. Diane left to go get him water and Omashola, who came in happy seeing food on the table shared in the pain.

” Who cooked this food. Guy why you vomit inside plate for me na,” he asked.

Elo tried to cover his mouth as Omashola kept insulting the person that cooked the meal until Diane and got annoyed.

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