BBNaija 2019: See what the top five do during their silliest moment

Nigeriatunes have observed some of the things the last five standing in the ongoing Big Brother Naija 2019 (BBNaija) do in their silliest moment.

Yours lovely will be giving you the character trait of each housemate of the Pepper Dem edition who behaves at a time like they have missed their calling. Here’s what we found out…..

Mercy twerking

She is referred to as Mercy Lambo. Being the last female standing in the house, Mercy had stayed strong under pressure.

Having bough immunity for herself with her Bet9ja coin, Biggies’ hand was obviously tied when the squirmish between her and Tacha happened.

Tacha was one of the most rated housemates before her disqualification over violence.

One of the things ‘The Queen of Highlight’ likes to do is twerking. She has been doing this from day one, displaying her dancing skill.

Mercy has never failed to show Biggie’s cameras why they call her the resident Cardi B. Asides giving the viewers twerking lessons every Saturday Night during the house party, she also had twerking sessions with the mirror when she thought no one was looking.

‘Omashola the prayer warrior’

Omashola who has been his emotional self throughout the show shows himself to be the prayer warrior.

The ‘Oblooblo’ master is usually tensed whenever he is up for eviction. Thank God for Frodd who has always been there for him and his right-hand man, Seyi.

With the Season getting tougher every week, Omashola has been a prayer warrior. t has been part of his routine each day in the Pepper Dem House.

Seyi the meditator

From the onset, Seyi has been seen to be spending time meditating and reflecting when no one is watching.

This could be the secret behind his emergence as the Head of House in the Pepper Dem House thrice? He is also the highest veto power holder.

The sucre papito’s serenity elements include eating eba and egusi soup every morning, snoring, while of course, plotting his next HoH win in the House.

Mike and his imaginary phone calls

How do you react when you see someone making an imaginary call? Will you check the person’s pulse and asked if he is okay?

This is the silliest thing done by Mike. We all can feel his pain, it’s really challenging to be without your phone for 99 days.

The Cruisetopia president also grills fish, Dances and he likes to tease Frodd when no one is watching.

Frodd’s Penchant for causing trouble

Frodd, no doubt is a top act in causing mischief. It is obviously his favourite thing to do when no one is watching him.

Examples of these are squabbles with Mike, Omashola, Seyi, Elozonam, Cindy, Venit.

Do we have to say much? With this, we can’t argue that he lives to cause trouble.

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