BBNaija got ugly, Tacha rains insult on Mercy before she was disqualified.

The most trending day for BBNaija 2019 was today September 27, 2019. The show was buzzing on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram, thanks to the fight between Tacha and Mercy.

What started the fight between Mercy of BBNaija and Tacha?

The fight started after some housemates told Tacha that she smells, Tacha got upset and cursed some people out. Mercy got up and insults her right back and thing escalated from there.

Tacha always likes to do more than everyone else. She insulted Mercy so much that a fight started.

Here is what she said

She started off by calling Mercy Ambassador Of Black Knuckles And Bleaching. Tacha proceeded to insult Mercy further during the heat of their confrontation in the BBNaija house.

The Pepper Dem Gang housemates stood close to make sure the fight did not get out of control but they were unable to stop the insults.

Read Tacha’s angry words towards Mercy below.

”You can fool yourself, but you cannot fool the whole of the world watching. They know you are using the boy to clout chase.

”I don’t need to use anybody to clout chase.

”I’m not a virgin o. The whole wide world, Tacha is not a virgin. I will not famz a virgin because I am not.

”I am Natacha, I am me, I am bold, I am black, I am beautiful.

”I don’t tell lies. I will tell you straight up, I’m not fake like you.

”Tear tear body. Ambassador of black knuckles. Black knuckles ambassador. Bleaching ambassador.

”Rubbish. If you want to change your skin complexion, you do it right. Don’t do it left”, she added.

It was ugly and Tacha ended up getting disqualified from BBNaija.

Picture of Tacha’s dirty feet on the bed.

 Tacha accused Mercy of bleaching but she was the one that has bleacher’s skin discolouration. Her knuckles and some part of her body looks discoloured.  

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