Tacha BBNaija fans

BBNaija madness: Tacha BBNaija fans in Port Harcourt held a rally for her

BBNaija Tacha’s local promoters mobilised fans to rally for Tacha in Port Harcourt. The Journey to N 60 million in total take-home price has made many people do outrageous things to win the Big brother Nigeria show. A lot of the contestant are spending money to buy votes in an effort to rig the votes to their advantage.

Tacha’s team are currently winning the promotion race as they are doing anything to get people to vote for her. They held a rally to encourage people to vote for her and a lot of people turned up.

Not everyone is happy to see Tacha get so many votes because Tacha did not carry herself as a prefered role model for young women. See some reactions below.

Are you curious to know what is the prize for winning Big Brother?
After a lot of searching, Nigeriatunes came to the conclusion that the contestants will take home about $500,000 grand prize. The housemates compete in weekly competitions and evictions and this determines who will win the show. The winner also takes home a brand new car and other gifts that are about N 60 million in value. Tacha is the most popular of the housemates and she is more likely to win the 2019 BBNaija show.

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